AuswellLife is an Australian natural health and wellness brand. Our mission is to inspire people to live happy & healthy lives. In everything that we do, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. All our equipment is tested and validated before any of our products are manufactured, following the code of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and TGA licensing requirements. We work with the best R&D and technical teams to ensure our customers receive quality products. 

Why Australian vitamins are the best in the world

By the time vitamin products are available to buy in Australia, it would have already undergone over 300 tests during its development process.

Put to the test

All vitamin or complementary medicine products are regulated under the Therapeutic Goods Regulations (TGA) 1990, which gives a vigorous review to everything from raw materials to finished products.

Premium and Trusted

When it comes to consumer goods in Australia, you are getting quality products produced in TGA-certified facilities. TGA stands for the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which is the regulatory body for therapeutic goods including medicines, and complementary medicine products in Australia. The TGA has nine statutory expert committees that are responsible for ensuring that therapeutic goods available in Australia are of an acceptable standard.



Laboratory Tested

Tested for quality, purity, and potency.


Made in Australia

Carefully prepared in small batches. Manufactured in Australia.


Pharmaceutical Grade

Pharmaceutical Grade.



Aust L is the certification number from Department of Health, Australia Government that the products has passed the Therapeutic Goods Regulations (TGA) 1990.


GMP : Good Manufacturing Practice

It is an international food standards agency for worldwide use as a quideline to produce good quality products for consumer' health.


Australian Government Department Of Health

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods under Australia Government Department of Health.